Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Marc Jacobs is a HUGE Just the Tip Fan!

April 17, 2009 by  

Adding to our ever-growing list of celebrity endorsers, we were excited to learn at last week’s Desmond’s show that fashion designer Marc Jacobs is apparently a huge fan of the TIP. At least that’s what some guy told Chad and Eric in the bathroom. As it turns out, the dude was talking about a totally […]

What Happens When You Put Fighty’s Head on Mad Dog’s Body?

March 15, 2009 by  

You get a flashback to the 1988 classic Willow, without the miserable acting of Val Kilmer. You also get Todd trying to butt into the picture.

Damn This Cold Weather!

January 27, 2009 by  

This winter has been so unbearably cold that Fighty has now resorted to wearing a scarf during band practice. Todd was also rocking a mock turtleneck last week, though I’m not sure that was weather related…

Todd’s Favorite Video

December 1, 2008 by  

We lost about 20min of rehearsal time last week because Todd was giggling about this classic family guy clip: