Friday, March 23, 2018
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The Van Comes Home

January 28, 2009 by  

…to the abandoned, crime-riddled street in Hoboken where we park it. The short ride from the mechanic to my apartment was enough to saturate my clothing with exhaust fumes, which means the TIP van is back to running as normal.

The Van Goes to the Shop

January 20, 2009 by  

The TIP van has a blown engine control module and will require $500 to fix. Considering we only paid $750 for the van when we bought it on eBay, this is an outrageous sum of money. Stand by for more updates as our mechanic dives deeper into this rat’s nest.

Another Problem with Driving a Beater Van…

January 9, 2009 by  

Is that it’s a piece of junk that doesn’t run when the temperature drops below 40 degrees. On the other hand, elementary school kids love that thing and I’m not really sure why. If anyone knows a good mechanic in Hudson County, drop us an email.

The Problem with Driving a Beater Van…

December 8, 2008 by  

Is that when the radio craps out and you’re sitting in traffic, you end up with five dudes in their late 20’s singing Billy Ocean. This, in turn, sparks a heated discussion as to whether Ocean is saying “Caribbean” or “Caribbune”. I’m almost positive that Caribbune isn’t a word. Anyway, if you ever hear someone […]

10-23-08 – The Day the TIP Almost Died

December 1, 2008 by  

Driving home from a gig in October, the TIP van nearly ran head first into a speeding fire truck on 14th St. Luckily the JTT van, which normally handles about as well as a freight liner, somehow managed to tighten up and avoid the fire engine during an evasive panic swerve. The aforementioned swerve may […]