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Scenes From Fighty’s Last Night in NYC

September 15, 2012 by  

Scenes From Fighty’s Last Night in NYC

It was Fighty’s last night in NYC, and once again Chad and I found ourselves riding around atop an NYC Tourist Bus, though this time everyone had their clothes on. We made a brief stop a Phebe’s (site of the original Delange-a-thon) before going to some place in the Village that had sod for carpet. […]

Chad, Tino and the Gay Pride Bus Ride

July 24, 2012 by  

In an effort to rustle up a few extra bucks, Just the Tip rented out its PA system to the Zarkana float in this year’s NYC Pride Parade. Chad and Tino were on hand to control the music and make sure everyone got a sufficient dose of Steve Winwood and Madonna tunes. Our float was […]

Spotting Mullets on the Subway

July 24, 2012 by  

I caught this rare subway mullet last week while riding the N train. You don’t see them around NYC very often these days. You might remember that mullets had a short-lived, pop-culture Renaissance back in the early 2000s. Sadly, they’ve since faded back into the darkest corners of Walmart and NASCAR events, which is why […]

Anyone Out There From Jersey?

December 6, 2011 by  

If you are, take a look at this map and tell me it’s not spot on. It elicits a strange feeling in me that is equal parts pride and sadness. I image it to be the same feeling my Dad gets whenever I come home for the weekend.

Calling Other People ‘Douche’ is Fun Until…

December 6, 2011 by  

Complex Magazine recently posted a hilarious rundown of the 25 Douchiest Bars in NYC. For those of you who don’t live in the area, there are swarms of douches inundating Manhattan, and pretty much the only saving grace is the ability to point out some cheesedick at a bar and say “Look at that douche.” […]

Can You Get Ring Worm From a Bar Floor?

June 15, 2011 by  

What about tetanus? AIDS? That picture was taken during the 48-hour period when I was hugely into planking. Actually, if I were a Hipster I would say something like: “So, like, about a month ago I was really into planking, but then everyone started doing it so now I don’t plank anymore.” Thanks to Megna […]

ESPN Writers Are Perverted

June 6, 2011 by  

I found this to be mildly inappropriate: Seriously, I’m pretty surprised this was allowed to pass on a Disney site. But then again, lots of famous Disney movies have sexual content hidden in the background. For example in Snow White, one of the 7 Dwarfs has a massive erection for the entire movie. Swear to […]

We’ve Located Our Email Sign-Up Sheet!

April 28, 2011 by  

After about a year of finger-pointing and not really looking that hard, we’ve located our email sign-up sheet/binder. Turns out it was in the van the whole time. Upon revisiting the list we immediately realized why we stopped bringing it to shows in the first place. The only people who signed up for our blast […]

Win a Fast Five Man-Date with Tino!

April 15, 2011 by  

Attention all JTT Fans: Enter today for a chance (nay, privilege) to go see the Fast Five with Tino on opening night. If you’ve spent the past decade waiting in earnest for Vin Diesel and The Rock to finally make a movie together, and you consider this to be your symbolical Passion of the Christ, […]

Hoboken St Patty’s, In All Its Debauched Glory

February 23, 2011 by  

Despite Hoboken’s mayor cranking the St Patty’s day fines up to $2K a pop (YIKES!), the people will rage on. Just check out this Craigslist post from a couple of Hoboken guys looking to hire a dwarf for their St Patty’s party.