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Missed Connection on the Booze Cruise. Help Us!

September 27, 2010 by  

For anyone who has at some point championed the romantic power of Huey Lewis and the News, consider yourself vindicated. A Missed Connection appeared on Craigslist this weekend, describing a fleeting romance built upon air guitar, rock music and The Just the Tip Booze Cruise. Shakespeare eat your heart out. The TIP is making it our personal mission – nay, obligation – to get these two together. Can you help us?

Booze Cruise – 29
we jammed hard on air guitars during a rockin’ booze cruise, but lost track of each other after the show. you were with a group, i was headed to the post-party. we were both fairly drunk. you confided in me a secret about your engaged friend. you play a mean air guitar, knew the lyrics to every song, were very cute and fun to rock out with. maybe you’ll see this and respond, which would make for a great story. maybe i’ll see you at that band’s next show. or never again.

By the way, who else wants to know the secret about the engaged friend? Is it herpes? I really bet it has to be herpes.

Here’s the Link:

And a screen shot (click to enlarge):


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    had to be…

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